Sunday, October 21, 2018

ZTE Warp Connect High Gain Log Periodic Antennas

I've made the switch from a slow unreliable DSL connection to using the Sprint LTE network. To make things better I picked up some high gain antennas. In this post I'll give you some information on how I set them up and how well they work.

ZTE Warp Connect Hotspot Antenna Hack

If you are in a marginal coverage area with your hot spot, any little boost can help. In today's post I'll show you a quick, cheap way to get a better signal using a couple pieces of wire and some know how.

ZTE Warp Connect and Cheap Sprint 4G LTE

While this may not exactly be ham radio related, there is radio involved. In this post I'll talk about switching from an unreliable land line DSL to 4G wireless internet service via Sprint using the ZTE Warp. I'll also share some interesting sources to get truly unlimited LTE service.